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(A Top Pick Jul 16/19, Down 32%) They're completing their Heartland Petrochemical Project, still doing well, though the budget rose. The pandemic hit them at a bad time when their financing was overextended and some questioned their base business, but that business is actually performing better than expects. Their oil sands pipeline is just fine while their storage business in Europe is at all-time highs. There are a lot of catalysts here going forward though they cut their dividend. He continues to hold it and gently averages into it and would buy more if he retraces to past lows.
(A Top Pick Jul 16/19, Up 12%) Despite a dividend cut, this is doing okay. He expects part of that dividend to come back. Natural gas has turned very positive for Canadian producers. Two big deals in the Montney involving CNQ and Conoco Phillips buying assets as gas prices rising on dropping US oil and gas production. He still likes Arc. Arc has a real ESG focus that will attract capital. We'll still need natural gas.
(A Top Pick Jul 16/19, Up 1%) It's the best performer of the big 5 banks and pays the second-highest dividend that'll make up most of returns. Don't expect share appreciation in banks, but still a solid business with banks getting a piece of the equity management business. But the lending spread will be challenged for some time for banks. He has reduced his bank exposure overall, seeing challenges in banks for a while to come.
AQN is Canadian-listed, but American domiciled, paying their dividend in USD. They've done a great job growing the company. It's heading in the right direction and he's jumping in. At $18 now, it's halfway between its 52-week high and low. It pays a growing 4.6% dividend. They have a strong renewable energy profile. They just cut a deal with Chevron to green the latter's carbon businesses. We'll see more of this greening trend in the industry that he thinks AQN's CEO is focused on. He expects a lot of capital to flow into renewables (not oil companies) and tech. He just bought AQN. (Analysts’ price target is $20.58)
Puzzling. ARE wasn't effected either way by the pandemic. They had a $7.5 billion backlog, an all-time high when the stock is at a 5-year low. Puzzling why this stock hasn't taken off. Perhaps the confessions on the Bermuda airport and Toronto's Eglinton LRT project have hurt them, but will be valuable down the road. Their base business is growing profits, revenues and cash flow. Pays over a 4% dividend. ARE is overlooked. (Analysts’ price target is $19.95)