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(A Top Pick Jul 15/19, Down 4%) It has been one of the best energy sector performers. The natural gas focus is important. He thinks we are going through a global energy transition, which includes natural gas and Western Canada plays a big role. They are pursuing a real ESG program, particularly environmental, focus. This is one of three energy stocks he owns.
(A Top Pick Jul 15/19, Down 33%) They are building the first modern petrochemical plant in Western Canada. They were progressing nicely, but the fear of the pandemic caused them to cut the dividends an circle the wagons. He feels the assets have not been impaired, plus the new plan is a 50% or more add to earnings. He thinks they are emerging okay.
(A Top Pick Jul 15/19, Down 1%) The best performing Canadian bank of the past 12 months. It continues to go through a transition. On a long term basis, CM still has good things going for it compared to its peers, giving them an opportunity to increase market share.
He liked this around $18. He does not know why it has been a laggard for so long. If are really are in a full recovery, assets values in personal wealth should recover -- although he is a little skeptical. You would be well served owning it below $20. Yield 5.82% (Analysts’ price target is $22.22)
For seniors, there are some legal ramifications post-pandemic. If people want to stay home instead of go into a long term care facility, their mobility products for seniors will do well. He likes the sustainability and growth potential of the dividend. Yield 3.32% (Analysts’ price target is $14.91)