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(A Top Pick Apr 30/19, Down 22%) It is disappointing. This is the bank he thinks it is either number 1 or 2. There is no question that banks will feel some pain here.
(A Top Pick Apr 30/19, Down 43%) It has held up rather well compared to other energy companies. Natural gas demand is much more regional and more related to weather. This is one of the best managed and has the best assets. They can grow organically without acquiring any land positions. They cut their dividend early in the crisis to preserve their balance sheet. He was troubled with management changes in February. He is holding position for clients during this downturn.
(A Top Pick Apr 30/19, Down 56%) They have suspended operations. It has been hit during this crisis. They are in a paradigm shift. It is hard to know when they will go back to normal. It is not only about the buses but about the infrastructure such as electric bus charging. It will take some time to come out of this.
It has been one of the best managed companies in Western Canada for decades. The dividend is around 10%. If there is not a multi-year downturn in volumes they will be able to maintain the dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $38.11)
It is a proxy for a lot of preferred shares at present. It came off due to ETF sales. 7.75% dividend and you are senior to the shareholders. This is now a fixed income instrument. This is a more conservative pick.