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(A Top Pick Jan 15/19, Up 33%) You never know when is going to have a good year. They had been increasing their dividend on flat performance so the yield going into last year was well over 4%. He thinks the new management team is doing the right things. It is still discounted relative to its peers. We are unlikely to see another year of 33%.
(A Top Pick Jan 15/19, Up 9%) It was a bit disappointing in a year when the market did over 20%. It under-performed and is due for a reversion. The yield will be at the 4.5% area after the upcoming dividend increase. There is potential for them to do well in this environment.
(A Top Pick Jan 15/19, Down 5%) It has been a tough year for farmers. It was one of the poorest planting seasons on record. See his Top Picks.
He thinks this is one of Canada's few global franchises with a global brand out there. They just purchased another agriculture business in Brazil. The dividend is over 4% at these levels. The long term fundamentals are great. (Analysts’ price target is $79.52)
He can't figure out why these types of royalty companies are going out of favour. This type of environment is a good for royalty companies. The dividend is 8.41%. This is an oil and gas name that is safe to own this year. He thinks they will increase the dividend this year. (Analysts’ price target is $10.37)