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(A Top Pick Feb 27/19, Down 7%) A week and a half ago this was up in value. He thinks the sell off will be short lived. This is still a Top Pick for him.
(A Top Pick Feb 27/19, Down 34%) A smaller position for them. He was hoping housing and trade would improve. Unfortunately their workers went on strike for 7 months. The shares are poised to go higher with bullish US housing stats. Their exports to Asia as significant so he would be careful and watch this one. There is also some risk the dividend could be cut.
Any time the share price drops to the low $30s this is a good buy. He expects it to rebound back above the mid-$40s when oil prices recover. Their capex has peaked and now they can reap the benefits in higher cash flows. When capital returns to Canada, this will be one of the first ones to attract new investor interest. Yield 4.47% (Analysts’ price target is $47.00)
A quality company with a dividend that just went up 6%. They will be able to increase the dividend going forward. Longer term, growth for Banks in Canada may be slow, but they can add efficiency from technology improvements and asset prices will continue to rise if interest rates remain low. Yield 4.66% (Analysts’ price target is $77.14)
He liked this more when it was $20.55. It trades at 3/4s of the valuation of their utility peers. They expect an 8-10% growth in the rate payer base. You want to own regulated utilities going forward. They are likely to increase the dividend again next year. Yield 4.43% (Analysts’ price target is $23.14)