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(A Top Pick Jul 03/18, Up 6%) He is surprised the stock has not done better. They are looking to divest some of their US divisions, which he sees as having weighed the company down. The new CEO has been working hard and he expects to come up with some good strategies going forward.
(A Top Pick Jul 03/18, Down 2%) The Canadian banks are good value right now. They trade between 9 & 12 times earnings. The yield is almost 5% and there could be room for dividend growth. He continues to add to his clients holdings.
(A Top Pick Jul 03/18, Down 49%) The company made the same amount of money in Q1 as last year. He is perplexed by the market sentiment. The dividend is over 9% and he thinks they will not cut it at current oil and gas prices. Oil accounts for 70% of their cash flow. A bargain and he continues to buy. Yield 9.2%
He does not think the dividend will be cut, unless commodity values drop sharply or they decide to use capital to buy back shares. They have a huge undeveloped land holding position. The management team is building the company for the next decade. He has faith in them. Yield 9.23%. (Analysts’ price target is $11.37)
They are building a petrochemical facility in Alberta and the market is a bit nervous. This is creating a good buying opportunity. You are getting paid to wait for the project to add a further $5-$10 per share capital appreciation. Yield 7.62% (Analysts’ price target is $24.27)