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(A Top Pick Oct 09/18, Up 14%) It hit his valuation target so he sold it. Still likes it, but now global growth is slowing so some of their services will make less money. Trading at 22x EBITDA, so not cheap, but he would buy if it dipped 10%.
(A Top Pick Oct 09/18, Up 23%) They have billions in their asset management business which is generating management fees. Add their real estate assets and private equity. They've done a great job of building their business. Low volatility and they benefit from low interest rates. It's up 30% YTD and resilient during the current market sell-off.
(A Top Pick Oct 09/18, Up 10%) He sold and bought back in. Problem was they weren't integrating businesses well, but they're back on track with a capital infusion to let them do more deals. The lows are behind them.
It's been his top pick before. EMA just got added to a global MSCI index. They executed on their business plan, divesting assets to avoid diluting shareholders. He expects 4-5% earnings nd dividend growth to come. Yes, boring, but boring is good in this environment. Trades at 18x earnings. (Analysts’ price target is $56.07)
75% of its revenue is recurring. They're highly acquisitive, so they've compounded capital 20% a year for a long time. A long track record. It trades at 11x EBITDA vs. peers 15x. Their last quarter disappointed, but it's now a buying opportunity. For a tech company, it's also defensive: Fortune 500 companies buy their products. Will do well in this environment. (Analysts’ price target is $61.78)