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(A Top Pick Jun 18/19, Down 16%) Buy it for a long term growth based on the brands. Popeye's was flat in their Q1 earnings, Burger King was down 35% and Tim Hortons down 50%. Their dividend will continue and the balance sheet looks fine. You could still add on weakness.
(A Top Pick Jun 18/19, Up 9%) Very resilient and he is still modelling 20% earnings growth. It trades at 19 times PE -- a good ratio to growth. He thinks there is still $60 per share of M&A activity that has not been factored into the stock price. You want to buy it around $130.
(A Top Pick Jun 18/19, Down 22%) Still well positioned for medium-term growth, although they took a hit in Q1 earnings. It is very cheap on 2021 growth forecasts. One of the first banks he would allocate capital to. A long term quality stock. Stick with it.
Q1 earnings were beat and they maintained full year guidance. He feels this reflects on the quality of the company and its resilience. He is modelling 20% earnings growth against a 19 times PE ratio -- excellent value. Yield 2.53% (Analysts’ price target is $154.50)
A defense hold. They are being hit in some toll road assets and in Latin America, but he views these are temporary issues. He sees 2020 earnings down about 8%. In the meantime they will be looking for opportunities and have over $4 billion of liquidity. They have very limited short-term debt that will need to rolled over. A safe dividend with a good payout ratio. It trades at 12 times 2021 earnings -- very attractive. Yield 4.83% (Analysts’ price target is $64.84)