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(A Top Pick Dec 19/18, Up 52%) This stock is still seeing earnings grow by 15% annually. It is still priced reasonably. They have solid 9% organic sales growth. He would wait for a pullback to add to a position.
(A Top Pick Dec 19/18, Up 36%) They had very good looking growth back then. The multiples still look like pretty good value. If recent manufacturing weakness does not spill into the full economy you could buy here as we..
(A Top Pick Dec 19/18, Up 35%) He thinks it is a defensive holding as the dividend is strong and there is good earnings growth. He would continue to hold it.
The gift you put into your Christmas stocking. Very expensive trading at a high PE and price to sales. On Q3 their revenues were up 45% and online merchants have exceeded 1 million. They are growing loans to their merchants to over $145 million. They are modelling 350% earnings per share growth into 2021. (Analysts’ price target is $467.09)
Try to buy the good names when they are down. They are not cheap at 22 times earnings. Popeye's and Burger King brands are doing really well driving sales up 8%. He likes their move into China and thinks Tim Hortons will turnaround. (Analysts’ price target is $103.22)