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(A Top Pick Oct 26/18, Up 37%) It was defensive at the time. Markets were falling. Even at these levels, it's trading at 15x and growing at 15%. On a price to growth basis, still a good opportunity in a fragmented market.
(A Top Pick Oct 26/18, Down 14%) Sold most of it. At the time, it was cheap compared to peers and defensive. He believed that their multiple would increase if they sold off their construction business. However, they had higher costs and softer activity. The stock didn't respond the way he wanted to, and there is problems with accelerated work reduction.
(A Top Pick Oct 26/18, Up 0%) He is holding less cash. The markets are going higher now. A year ago, markets were in free-fall. It was just before the drop.
The stock has come down. Software is out of favour with a move towards cyclical tech. They missed on earnings due to one time charges. Revenue growth is slowing that worries investors. However, it's a good time to buy here. They just passed 1M merchants and starting to offer loans to them. Has a very good management team with good growth opportunity.
They just beat by 3%. A free cash flow story. Just raised dividends by 8% and buy backs. They completed 2 acquisitions recently. Cost cutting and buy back will be enough. It doesn't depend on a strong economy.