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(A Top Pick Nov 18/14. Down 16.91%.) A very good company and it is in the right space. Industrials performed horribly in 2015.
(A Top Pick Nov 18/14. Down 16.94%.) This is a theme that should have worked, but didn’t. They spent a lot trying to grow their loan book, and the challenge is that earnings growth is going to be a little muted.
(A Top Pick Nov 18/14. Down 47.88%.) The whole midstream space is really being challenged. Yield has gone up to about 11%.
On banks that will do well even if rates don’t rise, this one really fits the bill. Doing a great job of turning around the assets. They are trying to accrete more value to tangible Book Value, and that will really re-rate the multiple. Dividend yield of 0.39%.
In all the right products with high growth associated with them. Think about candy, gum and biscuits. They give 4% to 5% growth. This company has a lot of great growth opportunities ahead of them. Dividend yield of 1.57%.