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(A Top Pick Nov 27/18, Down 4%) They have good shelf space in Canadian liquor stores and possess logistical expertise. They could partner with a cannabis company to make weed drinks.
(A Top Pick Nov 27/18, Down 44%) Lot of value still, but they completely replaced management and are looking to sell off parts or all of the business. Wait till that passes.
(A Top Pick Nov 27/18, Up 139%) Still loves it. It has one of the highest-grade development projects in the world, in Mexico. First Majestic will likely acquire Silvercrest.
More money will chase yield stocks like this. This pay 6.9% on a 55% payout ratio. Six months ago, they extended their Air Canada deal to 2035. AC bears the load-factor risk, and Chorus will see very steady results. Chrous's airplane leasing business offers attractive spreads; AC invested $100 million here. (Analysts’ price target is $9.34)
Mag is one of the highest-grade developers in the world. Fresnillo will likely take it out and would push the stock past $23. (Analysts’ price target is $19.79)