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(A Top Pick Mar 08/19, Up 4%) A modest win. They sold and bought it back in December. One of two US names that could attract investor interest. He liked the acquisition at 4 times cash flow, which allowed them to begin paying a dividend. Their drilling in the Permian can grow by 10% a year.
(A Top Pick Mar 08/19, Down 22%) They stubbed their toe and he sold out about mid-year. Their inventory turned out not to be as deep as they had advertised. Within $50 oil prices they can generate 10% free cash flow going forward.
(A Top Pick Mar 08/19, Up 33%) There has been a massive buyer in the market for this stock. He sold out in December and just re-bought at around current price levels. It has direct exposure to heavy oil price strengthening. Crude by rail rates are increasing and is allowing heavy oil inventory to begin dropping. They are using their free cash flow to pay down debt rapidly. They have 68 years of production inventory. He thinks they will become a take out target by a large oil player soon. The stock price could go to $9-$10.
A new holding for them. It trades at 2.4 times cash flow with a 24% cash flow yield. A very good prospect for a potential acquisition. It needs $60 oil prices to generate that cash flow. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $3.25)
The balance sheet is better now that they have rolled out debt to 2027. It trades at 3.5 times cash flow and offers a 28% free cash flow yield. They are 50% hedged at $76 Canadian oil pricing. Good exposure to the Eagleford play as well along with Canadian heavy oil. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $2.88)