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(A Top Pick Dec 19/19, Down 64%) It offers meaningful beta for increasing oil price. He thinks it will lag other names, especially since more and more investors favour MEG. He does not hold it.
(A Top Pick Dec 19/19, Down 60%) It offers meaningful cashflow. They are treading water but have meaningful leverage to an increasing oil price. At $50, it will trade at 24% free cashflow yield, at $60. 60%. It could potentially amalgamate with other companies in the area.
(A Top Pick Dec 19/19, Up 21%) He has reduced his position from 10% - 2% due to implosion of the natural gas pricing from the warm weather. They can use their strong balance sheet and Topaz, as an aggregator. He expects them to be aggressive as a consolidator.
A huge laggard this year. It is trailing other names at 20-30%. They have not yet reinstated dividends. They should reinstate it early next year. At current levels, the stock trades at 14% free cashflow yield. At $50-$60 oil, it trades at 30%-60% free cashflow yield for dividends and buy-backs. (Analysts’ price target is $2.46)
The mid-cap names are where you really want to focus. They have done a good job of taking advantage of the pandemic and doing MNA. It will be one of the first names to profit from money coming back to the sector. They could gain even bigger scale and be re-rated by multiple. Currently trading at 16-30% free cashflow yield. (Analysts’ price target is $3.57)