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(A Top Pick Aug 30/19, Down 21%) He sees a supply shortage in global oil. The call on oil is only going to grow. They have 60+ years of reserves, and they are ready to go down in the Gulf Coast. Free cash generation is positive.
(A Top Pick Aug 30/19, Down 58%) It's been lagging in the past months. He has been adding to it. They have drilled high quality wells in the property they acquired from Cenovus. There is a good potential to increase free cashflow in the next couple years.
(A Top Pick Aug 30/19, Down 43%) The oil fundamentals are stronger now than the start of the year. Looking at the multiple compression that happened in the sector, he expects the value of the stock to double once the macro environment normalizes.
A new name for them. It has sold off along with the other oil and gas companies, despite lower risk levels. They cut their dividend by 71%. They can triple dividend and still have free cashflow to grow production. (Analysts’ price target is $6.04)
Trading at a 25% free cashflow yield. They can increase their dividend next year. He expects it to be a consolidator to add more inventory depth. He sees up to 50% upside if oil prices rise. (Analysts’ price target is $3.25)