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Profoundly undervalued. At current oil price, it is trading at 19% free cashflow yield. They should reinstate their dividend which they cut. At $50-$60 oil, it trades at 2.1-2.9x and at 38%-63% free cashflow yield. CPP owns roughly 30% of the company. (Analysts’ price target is $2.48)
Bullish on gas for the first time in years. Outlook for gas is very strong. An easy way to play growing demand. You have scale, good balance sheet, dividend payments. Valuation is good. 15% free cashflow at $50 oil. 90% upside is possible. (Analysts’ price target is $22.52)
The biggest land driller in Canada and one of the largest in North America. They still generated free cashflow even during challenging times. At $50 oil, they can generate free cashflow equivalent to their market cap if producers drill to maintain production. Downside is limited since they generated free cash this year still. (Analysts’ price target is $1.22)
(A Top Pick Nov 15/19, Down 31%) There were talks of expanding outside of Colombia during better times last year. MNA is no longer a priority. They are trying to maximize their share buybacks. A net cash, debt free company, which is a good position. The valuation is less attractive than others.
(A Top Pick Nov 15/19, Down 33%) The stock is down 53% year to date. They were not rash in the beginning of the year. They only cut dividends by 50% compared to others who slashed them or cancelled completely. A good executer of mergers and acquisitions. There is insider buying, dividend, and good balance sheet. A net negative emitter due to their CO2 injection project so it is good for ESG investors. Trading at 3.9x next year and 20% free cashflow yield.