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(A Top Pick Jun 24/19, Up 54%) It is one of the best performing financial companies on the TSX. A one-stop-shop for listing, derivatives, options trading and data analytics. They made a smart acquisition of a data company in Europe. It is under leveraged and he thinks the company should be more aggressive with buybacks.
(A Top Pick Jun 24/19, Up 12%) The only company that can manufacture disposable, consumable medical products, especially syringes. They benefit from the pandemic and will benefit from the aging population.
(A Top Pick Jun 24/19, Up 29%) If you believe interest rates will continue to be low, the company's business model is very attractive. It can use the cashflow to continue acquiring software companies. It will probably become an enormous company and continue to grow. It is undervalued.
A new investment for him. A US broadband cable company. They announced positive earnings. They are still adding new business and mobile customers. It is buying back stocks aggressively right now. (Analysts’ price target is $584.28)
The company benefitted from the pandemic. Their takeout and delivery business is doing well. A technology company with smart loyalty and ordering system. A good royalty business. (Analysts’ price target is $424.92)