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(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Down 18%) Trade issues were a negative last year. Contract from China will be delayed due to coronavirus. Generating lots of free cash. Waiting for earnings next week. Longer-term play on emerging markets.
(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Up 16%) Great income stock. Continues to increase the dividend of 4.8%. Very well placed in western Canada, also in the US. Can grow its cash flow by mid-single digits each year.
(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Up 34%) Get their money through online advertising, which is growing. Lots of cash on balance sheet. Valuation high right now, so wait for a pullback.
Wait for a pullback, which is now. Growth was weaker than anticipated. Company says it will maintain growth of 5-6%. Inorganic growth and M&A will likely pick up. Will do well long term. Strong balance sheet. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $112.25)
Disney Plus launched very successfully. Churn rate is low. Launching in Europe and India later on. Studios and domestic parks are doing very well. Coronavirus and demonstrations are impacting China and Hong Kong. Long-term, a great company and attractive valuation. Yield is 1.25%. (Analysts’ price target is $161.65)