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(A Top Pick Nov 13/18, Up 33%) They've benefited from this past year's market move to defensive stocks. They bought New Brunswick Gas from ENB and another nat. gas facility in New York state; and they're closing a deal on another in Bermuda. So, they've added generation capacity. They're make hydro, wind and solar energy, which she likes. The dividend yield pays 4.2% which is growing 10% annually. She still likes it. A good, long-term hold. It's smaller than Fortis, so they can grow faster.
(A Top Pick Nov 13/18, Up 9%) She likes Canadian banks as a group The banks were held back this year from concerns over the Canadian economy and housing market, but the former has been resilient and the latter has stabilized. Also, TD co-owns Ameritrade which got hit in a rate war recently. So, TD's 2020 earnings were revised down 2-3%, but she expects TD to grow earnings around 5% this year. It's still trading at a fine valuation, and they can still grow earnings, though not as strong as in prior years. Will grow their dividend at the same pace.
(A Top Pick Nov 13/18, Up 40%) Incredible that they're growing their revenue double-digit considering their size. They're growing their cloud service, Azure, well and will continue to do so. MSFT is catching up to Amazon in the cloud. MSFT just won a big US government contract, US$10 billion over 10 years, which was expected to go to Amazon. MSFT has a lot of cash, which she likes, at $7/share, so they can fund their own growth without going into debt markets.
Has long owned this. It's pulled back given this rotation out of defensive names lately. It pays a 3.7% yield. Cash flow is stable due to revenues coming from regulated assets. They're focused on organic growth, with a backlog of projects all regulated. They will grow their dividend 6% annually through 2024. (Analysts’ price target is $56.29)
They're number one in snack foods (i.e. Cadbury) with 40% of their sales in emerging markets where consumers are earning more money and will increase demand in an under-served market. Unit volume growth are always stronger in EMs than in developed. The new CEO is increasing their topline growth. She likes MDLZ long term. Pays around a 2% dividend yield. (Analysts’ price target is $60.70)