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(A Top Pick Sep 11/18, Down 5%) Need a longer term perspective. Temporarily idling potash mines. Still quite positive on the outlook. Generating a lot of free cash flow, synergies from the merger. Doesn't need strong commodity price to grow cash flow and earnings. Increasing dividend and buying back stock. Looking to increase share in the US.
(A Top Pick Sep 11/18, Up 5%) Share price flat. Bank stocks in general reflecting a slower economy. Last quarter, saw nice core growth in Canadian business. Increased dividend by about 3-4%. Investing in technology and infrastructure.
(A Top Pick Sep 11/18, Up 1%) Stock's not doing very much, buy you're getting the yield. Still likes it. Attractive space. Temporary over supply issues this year. Want to increase their occupancy rate back above 90%. Yield is 4%.
Diversified healthcare company, a space she likes. Not impacted by focus on drug pricing. Sell generics to emerging markets. Also a nutritional business and medical devices, which are growing. Has increased dividend 46-47 years in a row. Yield is 1.50%. (Analysts’ price target is $92.87)
Nice income stock. Pipeline plus midstream operations. Footprint well-placed in western Canada. Recent acquisitions of Kinder Morgan and half a US pipeline. Good capital plan, well funded. Payout ratio is 55%. Mid-high single digit range of increasing cash flow. Increasing dividend. Yield is 4.92%. (Analysts’ price target is $56.18)