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It's not too late to enter this. Interest rates keep falling, which makes a great environment for alternative assets, which BAM manages. They're global in outlook, too. They just closed the Oak Tree Capital deal, focussed on credit strategies which is an area BAM wanted to get into. Oak Tree is very well-run. BAM is counter-cyclical. Trades at a reasonable valuation and is a fine long-term hold. (Analysts’ price target is $79.12)
They have great content and will be streaming in November at an attractive $6.99/monthly. Their movies and parks still do well. Streaming offers a new growth platform. Trades at a good multiple. (Analysts’ price target is $154.96)
One of the few pure water plays, testing water in North America and emerging markets. The latter are building their water infrastructure. In North America, they repair and upgrades which are rising. Also, they bought a smart-metering company that utilities can use to improve efficiency. Now is an attractive entry point with secular growth. (Analysts’ price target is $81.67)
(A Top Pick Oct 10/18, Down 5%) It's been a volatile year due to weather and trade war tensions, with US soy bean farmers exporting less to China. But NTR is cutting back on some of their potash mines to get demand-supply back in place. That said, NTR generates a lot of free cash flow and is increasing their 3.7% dividend, so you're paid to wait. They're also building out their retail network, which is less cyclical. Still likes it.
(A Top Pick Oct 10/18, Up 10%) Pays no dividend, so it's all price appreciation. The whole sector has struggled. It's the leading search engine, with 40% of all online advertising going to Google. They have a strong balance sheet. They have $167/share in cash, which means they're trading at 18x forward earnings. They're growing their topline by 20%. Waymo will launch, Youtube is strong, and their cloud division is growing. You can buy it now.