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(A Top Pick Oct 09/20, Down 1%) Still likes it for new client money. Global. Diversified. Likes the Oaktree Capital acquisition. Lots of liquidity to take advantage of opportunities. More growth oriented than a big dividend.
(A Top Pick Oct 09/20, Down 1%) Has done well despite what they've gone through. Streaming has done extremely well. Parks division will be a Covid recovery play.
(A Top Pick Oct 09/20, Up 24%) Utilities represent half their revenue, and this stream is quite resilient. Secular theme that water is scarce. One of the most direct plays into the water industry. Price is fully valued. Wait for a pullback to put in new money.
Adding to it at the $1500 level. Ad allocation will continue to grow, as will market share. Cloud business, only 6% of revenue, but last quarter grew 40% Y/Y. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $1763.46)
Owns it as an income stock. Especially attractive in this low interest rate environment. 99% of its assets are regulated, so not impacted by economic cycle. Visible cashflow stream. Attractive yield, and proven track record of increasing yield. Yield is 3.71%. (Analysts’ price target is $57.93)