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(A Top Pick Jun 11/19, Up 35%) She continues to hold it. Tech stocks have been leading the rally. She would not put new capital in at these valuation levels. Wait for a pullback. It has $162 per share of cash, which implies a price of 25 times 2021 earnings -- reasonable, but not cheap.
(A Top Pick Jun 11/19, Up 9%) She continues to hold this. It manages over $500 billion of alternative assets. The company, in this low interest rate environment, will continue to do well. They bought 62% interest in a financial company that focuses on distressed credit assets. They have the option to buy the balance of that company over the next 10 years. This gives them about $75 billion of available cash for deployment.
(A Top Pick Jun 11/19, Down 16%) She continues to hold it and the yield is about 5%. They have increased loan loss provisions by about 4 times the same amount a year ago. She thinks TD was conservative on the provisions and hopes that will be the high water mark. They have maintained their dividend and will likely keep it flat to protect the payout ratio, which has risen to 65% from normal targets of around 45%. She thinks the dividend will be sustainable for now. It is trading near 1.2 times book value -- near historic lows.
She is putting new client money into this last week. A diversified health care company with four divisions. They have a pharma group that sells into emerging markets. They also have a medical device, diagnostics and a nutritional division. They have developed both screening and antibody tests for COVID-19. Even if a vaccine is found, testing will be required for quite a while. They have increased their dividend for over 40 consecutive years. Yield 1.62% (Analysts’ price target is $100.75)
She has owned this for quite a while. At this price level it is a buy. Their business is split between outsourcing and consulting. This includes high recurring revenues. The lock down and pandemic has slowed some of their business. However, she thinks companies will realize the value of the services in security and outsourcing going forward. They have a sold balance sheet to fund future acquisitions. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $97.12)