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(A Top Pick May 14/19, Down 28%) They still it own as one of two pipeline holdings. They were active mid-March as COVID began and oil prices collapsed. They cut their discretionary capex by $4.5 billion, of which $1 billion will be cut this year. Recent earnings reported were fine and they have continued guidance at the lower end of the range. Take or pay contracts are good. Dividend payout ratios are about 60%. Yield 7.5%
(A Top Pick May 14/19, Up 25%) They have held this for years. Their diagnostic division has developed four different COVID testing products, including tests for antibodies. Their recent earnings reflect delays in device growth, which she was not surprised with. However, the diagnostics division is ramping up and benefiting with all the upcoming test requirements. She has been adding to portfolios around $90.
(A Top Pick May 14/19, Up 48%) They continue to hold this. They have benefited from the work-at-home trend. This trend may continue after COVID. Office 365 and their cloud services will all benefit. However, at this point it is too expensive to buy. They hold about $9 per share in net cash. She would buy about 10-15% lower.
About 75% of revenues come from the regulated portion of their business. They are also into renewable power. This makes cash flow steady and defend able. She thinks the dividend could continue to grow. Yield 4.6% (Analysts’ price target is $21.68)
A world lead in biscuits, candy and chocolate. Their biscuit demand has benefited from COVID and they have grown their market share. Oreo and Ritz are brands they sell. Based on their studies, 15-20% of their buyers are new to these brands. She thinks this will allow them to keep those new buyers going forward. It trades at a discount to its international peers. Yield 2.27% (Analysts’ price target is $59.50)