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(A Top Pick Jan 14/20, Up 20%) She likes their positioning in this space. Family dollar offers multiple price points in their stores. Recently they have been introducing these formats into their own stores. This caused basket sizes to increase. Coming out of this recession there will still be a slow recovery and a certain portion of the population will gravitate to these stores for economic reasons so she would continue to hold it.
(A Top Pick Jan 14/20, Down 2%) It has lagged the market. The valuation is very attractive. Food retail is very competitive. They incurred incremental costs for PPE and had to pay higher wages. They own Shoppers Drug Mart but their front end of their stores really weakened because of working from home. Money shifted away and now she finds it very attractive.
(A Top Pick Jan 14/20, Up 8%) She continues to like it. She likes them as a group and thinks their earnings will improve this year. The situation was not as dire as the situation was when they made their reserves last year. This puts them in a god position in terms of provisioning. Canadian banks can't increase dividends or buy back stocks until COVID is over, by regulation, so they are building a lot of capital.
It is a boring utility, regulated. Dividend just under four percent. They have defensible cash flow streams. She likes the dividend growth. The payout ratio is very reasonable at 65% of cash flow. (Analysts’ price target is $57.93)
She continues to like it and has owned it for a number of years. Growth will moderate next year but it benefited from work-from-home. Homes are affordable with low interest rates and people were staying where they are and renovating. The age of the housing stock in the US is over 40 years old. HD-N is investing in their supply chain to increase the efficiency of online ordering. The dividend is attractive. They increase it regularly. (Analysts’ price target is $303.28)