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(A Top Pick Jul 10/19, Up 6%) Relatively defensive with food and pharma. Nice defensive stock to own in this environment. Pantry loading with Covid, but they also have higher costs with protection equipment and higher labour costs. Leader in online grocery. The trading discount from Metro should narrow over time.
(A Top Pick Jul 10/19, Down 9%) The only US bank she holds. Best in class. Increased loss provisions in second quarter, using a worse than base case scenario. Outlook is quite murky. Still paying dividend, and company believes they can still do so.
(A Top Pick Jul 10/19, Down 17%) Merged with Raytheon. Now the company is half defence, and half commercial aerospace. It will be a tough year for the aerospace side. Sound balance sheet. Willing to ride it out. Very strong management. Travel will resume eventually.
Likes the secular growth of renewable energy. BEP is a big player in that space. Global, with 48% of revenue coming from outside NA. Very sound balance sheet. Long-term contracts. Defensible, visible cash flow growth. Grow distribution in mid-single digits every year. Yield is 4.15%. (Analysts’ price target is $69.13)
The snack category has higher growth rate than other packaged product categories. Quite global. Well positioned in emerging countries. #1 share in biscuits, #2 in chocolate and gum. Benefited from Covid. Trading at a discount to peers, and this should narrow over time. Yield is 2.15%. (Analysts’ price target is $60.25)