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(A Top Pick Jul 10/18, Up 8%) It is attractively priced with that yield. They had some headline risk recently. It should clear up by the end of next year. It will grow another 10% next year.
(A Top Pick Jul 10/18, Up 5%) She still likes it. MFC Asia is doing a good job. It trades at a very attractive multiple. Earnings growth should pick up.
(A Top Pick Jul 10/18, Up 14%) They had a lot of issues in the last year. Their phrama division is about half of their revenues and is doing quite well. This division has the highest margins. They have increased the dividend for 56 consecutive years. She would not jump in right now; buy on a pull-back.
The largest grocery retailer nationally. It is a nice consumer name. It is not unreasonably priced at 16 times forward earnings. They have scale, great locations and loyalty program, and they have their digital initiatives. (Analysts’ price target is $72.10)
It has not participated in this rebound. 11 times earnings and 3% yield. They are number 1 in retail deposits. They feel they can expand and grow their share by targeting high net worth individuals. (Analysts’ price target is $118.44)