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(A Top Pick Sep 12/19, Up 28%) Still buying it around $102. It's a diversified healthcare company including nutritionals and generic drugs, the latter being sold to emerging markets. EM account for 40% of revenues. Medical devices was seeing fine product momentum even before Covid. After Covid, they've been producing testing kits which drives growth. They just announced a 5-minute test, boasting easy-to-use packaging, which will push growth. She expects excellent growth in the next few years, and it pays a solid dividend.
(A Top Pick Sep 12/19, Up 5%) Global consumer staples and defensive. Has long owned this. They're growing their personal care division, which offers high margins, and accounts for 40% of revenues. Dove, Lux and Tresemme are some of their brands. 60% of their revenues are free emerging markets, which she expects to grow long term. Near term, developed markets will remain strong because of pantry loading and customers gravitate to well-known brands. UL were able to leap from 2 to 60 factories making hand sanitizer. A consistent dividend grower.
(A Top Pick Sep 12/19, Down 30%) It got hit in the whole energy sell-off. An excellent pipeline name. In Q1, they pulled back capex plans to protect their dividend (8% is safe) and balance sheet. Most of their contracts are long-term, and their clients are investment-grade. A fine income stock.
A regulated utility and they make green energy. 90% of revenues come from the U.S. It's defensive with a visible cash flow. Their renewable business is supported by long-term contracts. The 4.5% dividend is safe and will continue to rise. AQN recently raised $1 billion to fund their capital program this year into next. They've partnered with Chevron to develop their renewable energy. Last week, they bought a Chilean water utility and may buy the rest of it later. Overall, they're expanding their renewable power space. They have room to grow geographically here and abroad. Strong growth prospects here and an income stock. We're already seeing capital pour into renewable power globally and here in Canada. (Analysts’ price target is $20.59)
A diversified healthcare name. The pharma drug pipeline is robust with success launching products that should continue. Strong balance sheet and pays under a 3% yield that they've increased in 50 straight years. The medical devices unit got hit by the lockdown, but surgeries are coming back (they reportedly snapped back to 85% pre-Covid). They are developing a vaccine, but won't make a profit, they say, in the first stage. (Analysts’ price target is $163.63)