Christine Poole
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CEO & Managing Director at
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(A Top Pick Jun 08/18, Up 31%) A boring utility company, but the change in interest rates allowed this to soar. A very defensive holding with a stable cash flow stream. The company has projects in place and interests in the US. Cash flow is projected to grow for the next 5 years. Yield 3.5%
(A Top Pick Jun 08/18, Up 8%) Half of the gain was from the dividend. They have posted earnings growth of 7% over the year. They are trading below historical multiples. About 23% of earnings come from the US. She thinks they will continue to increase the dividend.
(A Top Pick Jun 08/18, Up 3%) The US banks have not rebounded as well as the Canadian ones. The US economy continues to grow and consumers are in an improving state. The stock trades at 11 times PE with a yield of 3%. She expects the dividend to continue to grow and expects them to buy back stock.
The pending announcement of a potential investigation creates an interesting entry point. There is still a lot of growth opportunity. It make take years on the regulatory front. With over $100 billion in cash, the equivalent of $150 per share, they will be able to weather any storm. Yield 0%. (Analysts’ price target is $1325.44)
A great global presence. They own parts of several different Brookfield holdings. The asset management space is growing and they are large enough to attract new customers. They are masters at taking companies private. The low interest rate environment is conducive to them continuing to expand. Yield 1.37% (Analysts’ price target is $72.99)