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(A Top Pick Mar 12/19, Down 30%) It has been hit hard. The CEO indicates the trends are moving in the right direction. None of their facilities had any COVID-19 outbreaks (as of late February).
(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Down 18%) Trade issues were a negative last year. Contract from China will be delayed due to coronavirus. Generating lots of free cash. Waiting for earnings next week. Longer-term play on emerging markets.
(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Up 16%) Great income stock. Continues to increase the dividend of 4.8%. Very well placed in western Canada, also in the US. Can grow its cash flow by mid-single digits each year.
(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Up 34%) Get their money through online advertising, which is growing. Lots of cash on balance sheet. Valuation high right now, so wait for a pullback.
Wait for a pullback, which is now. Growth was weaker than anticipated. Company says it will maintain growth of 5-6%. Inorganic growth and M&A will likely pick up. Will do well long term. Strong balance sheet. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $112.25)