Stan Wong
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Director & Portfolio Manager at
Private Wealth Management, ScotiaMcleod

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(A Top Pick Jul 04/19, Down 1%) Lower volatility strategy by about 20% than the broader S&P, for times like today, but with the same returns (about 10% annualized).
(A Top Pick Jul 04/19, Up 13%) A favourite sector. Resilient, non-cyclical. Tailwinds are aging population and growing middle class in developing countries. 10 bps expense ratio. Excellent names. Continues to add to it.
(A Top Pick Jul 04/19, Down 11%) Sold last month. Started to underperform the broader S&P. Recycling segment is hurting the company.
One of his favourite tech/communication companies. Largest online social network in the world. Subscriber rate continues to astound. Expected revenue 77B in 2020. Advertisers and marketers love it. Paying 33x forward earnings for 23% long term expected growth rate. Buy on the dips. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $249.27)
Capitalizing on work from home theme, cloud business. Expected to continue to fly in the post-pandemic world. Impressive free cash flow. 16 consecutive quarters of positive earnings surprise growth. Paying a bit of a premium for a 15% growth rate, but not a lot of names are dominant as they are. Yield is 0.95%. (Analysts’ price target is $210.40)