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(A Top Pick Nov 07/18, Up 1%) Costs have gone up for 1-day shipping. Name is strong, clould business is strong. Prime members expected to grow. Long runway for growth as it grows outside North American markets. Risks include spending and regulatory changes. He owns it, but is keeping a close eye on it.
(A Top Pick Nov 07/18, Up 30%) Secular shift from cash to digital. Long-term shift. Not cheap, but not extremely expensive either. Toll booth business. Risk is downturn in global economy. Underweight if you think economy is slowing.
(A Top Pick Nov 07/18, Up 30%) Revenue split between pet care and livestock. Owners are increasingly willing to spend money on pets. Fragmented industry. Huge margins. 20 consecutive quarters of positive earnings surprises. Good name long-term. Bit pricey, but they can catch up.
One of his current themes is to build in more portfolio resilience and protect on the downside. US stocks with lower volatility characteristics than S&P. Geopolitical risks are rising. Names inclue Visa, Coca-Cola, Verizon. Not an expensive MER.
Has done quite well relative to other healthcare names. Wide line of high marketing drugs, and a good pipeline of new drugs. One of the better names. 22 consecutive quarters of positive earnings. Decent PEG ratio. Yield is 2.66%. (Analysts’ price target is $96.29)