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(A Top Pick Nov 21/19, Up 13%) Long term aspects of AMT looks good. US data usage doubles every two years. Carriers will continue to invest in domestic markets for 5G. In developing markets, the move to 4G will continue to increase. A REIT type name. The stock shows some sign of fatigue but it still pays a good dividend. Neutral on this stock.
(A Top Pick Nov 21/19, Down 9%) He has exited this stock a while ago. Amazon entering the pharma space is negative for CVS. The split congress is a relief for the healthcare space. The pull back is probably exaggerated. A holistic company and a value trade. 3% dividend. Prefers to look elsewhere for more growth.
(A Top Pick Nov 21/19, Up 36%) One of his preferred names in tech. Continues to add positions. It has more usage time than any other social network. It is important for advertisers. Revenue growth is expected to exceed 20%. Trading at 1x PEG, 27x forward earnings. Anti-trust may be a headwind but the split government makes this harder.
Prefers this over Visa. It has a higher growth runway than Visa. Expects $15B in revenues. Near-term, a return to a more normal world will help Mastercard and spending volumes. Travel and cross-boarder transactions will come back and help volume. Secular shift away from cash will also continue to be a tailwind. (Analysts’ price target is $356.29)
Still likes the name. They reported great earnings and raised guidance. They are firing on all cylinders. $16B in expected revenues, and their chips are better than any other maker. Used in high-end PCs, gaming, data centres and automotive. They are entering the AI space as well. Demand for their chips is unbelievable. (Analysts’ price target is $581.50)