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(A Top Pick Jul 09/20, Up 25%) Giant in the social media space. 24x forward earnings, 23% earnings growth rate. Expects 20% revenue growth over the next few years. Largest audience for social network advertisers. Will continue to be strong on a secular basis long-term.
(A Top Pick Jul 09/20, Up 13%) Adding right now. Office productivity division doing well. A very impressive 20 consecutive quarters of positive earnings surprises. 13-15% long-term earnings growth rate. Expects revenue growth of 15% Y/Y over the next few years.
(A Top Pick Jul 09/20, Up 6%) Sold in February, as he saw the writing on the wall with the rotation away from growth. Not cheap at 28x. Long-term, makes a lot of sense. Aging population, growing middle class in emerging markets will keep demand up.
85% of its revenue comes from online ads, which will increase with the recovery. Well positioned, with android's increasingly dominant market share of the cellphone market. Revenue for 2021 expected to be an astounding 200B. Revenue and earnings will continue to increase at a 15% clip over the next few years. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $2804.49)
World's largest by sales. Tremendous pent-up demand for travel, which will be unleashed as vaccinations rise and Covid cases decline. Revenues may even surpass pre-pandemic levels. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $2521.37)