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(A Top Pick Sep 12/18, Up 46%) 7% earnings growth rate. You pay a premium, as we're in late cycle. 2% dividend, low beta. Dominance in US confectionery space. Starting to diversify. Still room to grow, especially as money is rotating to more defensive plays.
(A Top Pick Sep 12/18, Up 20%) Long-term secular growth. Growth of online shopping should continue to support it. Still lots of room to grow. Executed very well. Part of the recent choppiness, but still likes the name.
(A Top Pick Sep 12/18, Up 37%) Healthcare for animals. 33x earnings. Industry is a high-margin business. Consumer doesn't have much pricing power. Greater global need for healthier livestock. Reported 20 consecutive quarters of positive earnings.
Owns and operates wireless communications towers globally. Primarily in US, Brazil, and India. Good time to buy this week with the mini-selloff. Lots of runway for growth, as we need the cell phone data. Great long-term, secular growth rate. Yield is 1.73%. (Analysts’ price target is $220.80)
Products marketed to over 140 countries. Main drugs in diabetes and oncology. Robust pipeline of new drugs, which will drive revenues over the long term. Not too expensive, with an 11-12% growth rate. Yield is 2.65%. (Analysts’ price target is $96.69)