Stan Wong
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Director & Portfolio Manager at
Private Wealth Management, ScotiaMcleod

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(A Top Pick Jan 23/19, Up 39%) Recession resilient. Defensive, with good consistent earnings. In rural areas. 80% of sales from consumable products. Will perform well in a slowdown.
(A Top Pick Jan 23/19, Up 7%) Things will get dicey if Democrats move up, and health care stocks will come off. 13-15% growth rate. Modest dividend. 48 consecutive quarters, 10 years, of consecutive earnings beats. Long-term, a great stock. Fundamentally, a great company.
(A Top Pick Jan 23/19, Up 32%) Reliable earnings. High quality, low beta. Pay a bit more, 27x, for high single-digit growth. The defensive part of his barbell approach with growthier names. Yield is 1.8%.
In general, taking advantage of recent downturn. Largest online travel agency. Operate a number of brands. 17x earnings, 15% growth rate. PEG ratio of 1.1. May still be choppiness ahead, but a good opportunity. Stock is oversold. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $2150.19)
Great business. Wide lineup of high margin drugs, robust new pipeline. 23 consecutive quarters of positive earnings surprises. Defensive growth name. 16x earnings, 10-12% growth rate. Yield is 2.82%. (Analysts’ price target is $99.40)