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(A Top Pick Dec 06/18, Up 41%) Continues to like it. Slightly more cyclical. 17% growth rate. A toll booth whether credit, debit, or mobile. Long runway. 16 consecutive quarters of positive earnings surprises. Long term shift from cash to digital.
(A Top Pick Dec 06/18, Down 13%) Under pressure due to patent loss and divesting off-patent division. Dividend is 3.9% and looks secure. Political noise has hurt healthcare. This is an opportunity. Starting to launch potential blockbuster drugs.
(A Top Pick Dec 06/18, Up 14%) Hit new all-time high this week. Protypically recession resilient. Boring, but should perform well in a maturing economy.
Develops and owns wireless communication and broadcast towers globally. Need for a lot of data is as unavoidable as death and taxes. Data consumption in US is doubling every two years. Good defensive name. Yield is 1.78%. (Analysts’ price target is $222.53)
One of largest healthcare companies in the US. Retail, pharma benefits, healthcare benefits. Defensive, attractive valuation. Yield is 2.67%. (Analysts’ price target is $79.28)