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Director & Portfolio Manager at
Private Wealth Management, ScotiaMcleod

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(A Top Pick Jun 09/20, Up 33%) Outperformed the broader TSX. Will continue to do well as vaccines roll out for the next 12 months. Solid balance sheet. Higher octane stock, expect some turbulence.
(A Top Pick Jun 09/20, Up 21%) Performed well during the pandemic, fell off with the rotation to cyclicals, and now rebounding. Long-term, a great company. Leader in efficient real estate use. Trades at a premium 35x earnings, with a 10% growth rate. A premium name.
(A Top Pick Jun 09/20, Up 28%) The exchange, plus market data. Recurring, organic revenues. 24x earnings, with a 7% growth rate. Getting a bit expensive, so he's trimming. Long-term, a good name.
Second largest global payments system after Visa. Taps into a more normal economic backdrop and especially lucrative travel transactions. Long growth runway of moving from cash to digital. Annualized revenue growth should grow to 17%. Yield is 0.47%. (Analysts’ price target is $392.65)
Based in Switzerland. World's largest wealth and asset manager. Universal Bank in Switzerland, and a global and investment bank. Solid balance sheet. Strong capital and liquidity metrics. Broad economic recovery will help European banks. Trading at just below book value. Shares look healthy technically speaking. Yield is 1.15%. (Analysts’ price target is $17.13)