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(Top Pick Oct 18/11, Up 22.99%) They have been very active. Recently just split their industrial side out into an industrial REIT. There's a lot happening. They are very good at taking things over and managing them.
(Top Pick Oct 18/11, Up 32.34%)
(Top Pick Oct 18/11, Up 27.21%) They are working their agenda. Exposure in England, Australia, Latin America. Everything they have brings in income. Chart is starting to look good. Can survive the bad weather as they did last time. If we get into a global recession, you don't want to stay in this one.
Everyone is mad at them. They have come with too many issues. Have been selling a bunch of properties that don't make sense. They are constantly creating value.
3.6%. 3 different asset categories. Restructuring themselves. Really good growth coming. Speculation is that they will have to increase distributions just to avoid tax.