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(A Top Pick Nov 06/18, Down 18%) He got "Trumped" on this one. The company is solid, despite the trade war issues. It will bounce back if the trade deal gets signed. China is the main market for this. He will continue to hold it.
(A Top Pick Nov 06/18, Up 20%) He is still bullish on financials. When the yield curve normalizes all the banks will make a lot of money. They are doing well going into the headwinds currently. He likes the technical price breakout now too.
(A Top Pick Nov 06/18, Up 31%) Renovations and demographics are seeing millennials doing home upgrades. He still holds it here.
A great Canadian story. They do tuck in acquisitions and have handled debt very well. Second only to 711 in the convenience store space. Going forward, we will still need fueling stations (gasoline, electric, etc.) and they are well positioned. Yield 0.62% (Analysts’ price target is $45.59)
They have 30% annual growth and have for years. It does not look like anyone can knock them off their perch. A must hold in every portfolio. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $2194.83)