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(A Top Pick Sep 05/18, Down 6%) It is very difficult for them to lend money with a flat yield curve. Over time they have been a safe place to be. He is going to stick with it. Sometimes you just have to be patient in a market and if something is good, don't be shaken out of it.
(A Top Pick Sep 05/18, Down 0.4%) They were the leaders in 17/18. They are not as on fire now. They have to get the momentum back and then they will grow. The techs can still grow.
(A Top Pick Sep 05/18, Down 48%) They have never cut the dividend in worse times. The shorts might give up. The assets are good and management is good.
He is looking for value and great growth. China is bubbling along with all this goop in the media about 5% GDP growth. The domestic economy is strong and growing faster than the US. He was looking for good domestic companies that are growing quickly. BABA-N grew over 30% in the last quarter – the AMZN-Q of China. They also have pay systems and the shopping business, etc. Now is the time to get a position in China through this one. (Analysts’ price target is $221.76)
There are Visa and MasterCard in North America, and Alipay and another Tencent app in China. They are also heavily into games and audio. It grows over 20%, is domestic, and is down substantially from its highs. (Analysts’ price target is $55.67)