Jaime Carrasco
Member since: Jul '08
Portfolio Manager at
Canaccord Genuity

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(A Top Pick Mar 15/19, Up 17%) It was bought back in October and so he does not hold this any longer.
(A Top Pick Mar 15/19, Down 1%) He was taking profit on the way up. They recently merged with another producer and has since shut that mine due to COVID-19. He still has it as a buy with a $53 target.
(A Top Pick Mar 15/19, Down 24%) He still holds it in the portfolio, but had taken some out at $4 per share. He is looking to add to the cannabis sector again following the consolidation. He holds an $8.25 target. They are producing a CBD and THC beverage.
A new addition to his portfolio. An example of how cheap it is trading relative to earnings. He has an $11.50 price target. A great low-cost producer with good potential going forward.
A gold royalty company. He has a $17 price target. Not being a producer, they have more stable cash flow.