Jaime Carrasco
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Canaccord Genuity

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(A Top Pick Mar 15/19, Up 17%) Taken over. Encouraging to see the M&A activity.
(A Top Pick Mar 15/19, Up 26%) Merger with Detour Gold is creating a better entity. Longer streamed production, better leverage on the balance sheet. It will be 10% of his portfolio.
(A Top Pick Mar 15/19, Up 24%) Takes profits when it gets over $4, but still holding. Likes the sector, as it's a new industry with plenty of room to grow.
His entry point is right here. Sells to Europe. Dividend is sustainable, and has never been cut. Sales are hedged, and they get the higher Brent price. Target is $35. Yield is 13.08%. (Analysts’ price target is $25.07)
Starting a gold mine in Argentina, which will be very profitable. You get gold and silver with this one. Silver will have a much greater upside than gold. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $6.41)