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(A Top Pick Jun 22/18, Up 31%) A solid dividend player. Not a producer, but a streamer. The dividend will rise as the commodity price rises. On the way down in mining, streamers were the place to be, but now is the time to buy the producers. FNV has a steady cash flow.
(A Top Pick Jun 22/18, Up 112%) He bought it cheap, underloved, a great time to buy. The big players are buying this like Hank Paulson.
(A Top Pick Jun 22/18, Down 3%) It's his favourite--and largest--position, because of its great management. It's the M&A team from Barrick. They've been buying companies, the only junior miner to. They've been mining low-grade rock full of lead and zinc as they save the high grade, saving until silver prices rise and they take advantage of that. Other companies are mining their high grade to stay alive. Amazing execution and they will have a quarter where earnings will rise 300%.
Big players are coming into his stock and USA-T will deliver on growth, leverage and production. It's one of the few junior miners that acquires. (Analysts’ price target is $5.20)
They're Finland mine could be a massive find; they're starting to drill only now. More drilling results will continue to come in. They could add big ounces quickly. Eric Sprott just took a 5% position and Newmont is at 4.5%.