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(A Top Pick Nov 20/19, Up 8%) It's lagged the sector, because it's a royalty company. You need to hold producers and royalties in a portfolio. With royalties, you expect more asset growth in the value of these assets. These companies help finish financing and building a mine for a producer. Once that mine is running, the royalty takes a cash flow off the top that the royalty company hands to shareholders, plus the value of the resource/metal. As that value rises, so will the cash flow. SSL continues to buyback shares, have a lot of cash flow, and are great value at current prices. He has a $13 target and it's a hold.
(A Top Pick Nov 20/19, Up 32%) Still likes it. Great profitability. They must leverage, because they have many projects coming online. He has a $120 target on this as a buy. They just hiked their dividend by 75% and will continue to rise.
(A Top Pick Nov 20/19, Down 15%) He still likes it. It's for income investors. He has an underweight in all the underlying securities in this ETF. He's waiting to see what volatility will be like before buying them. HUTL holds 30% precious metals, which is driving its growth. This ETF has been down because utilities have declined due to volatility.
With Agnico Eagle, KL anchors his producers' portfolio and strategy. He still likes this. Their exploration continues to add ounces on the ground. Production costs are low. They boast great managers and safe geopolitics. He has an $80 target. (Analysts’ price target is $83.95)
They're building a silver mine in Peru, so there's production growth. BCM helps him diversify away from silver in just Mexico. He has a $6 target and considers this is a speculative buy. More volatile than its peers. (Analysts’ price target is $5.05)