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(A Top Pick Oct 31/18, Up 54%) A cornerstone for him. They will be fully sustaining in a couple years--won't need other people's money. The dividend will rise as profits grow. The CEO has done an amazing job. Reserves in the ground aren't even priced yet. People will notice when they are priced. A lot of money to come here.
(A Top Pick Oct 31/18, Up 24%) He bought it for the dividend after a big pullback. He's holding on for that dividend. Energy will come alive at some point, and ALA will benefit. This is more of an electric generator (than oil), though tied to Alberta.
(A Top Pick Oct 31/18, Up 0%) He holds 1% cash now, and 30% cash then. He bought fixed income with that money.
He buys it for cash flow. The dividend will increase. (Analysts’ price target is $134.60)
They can increase production. Has big institutional stockholders.