Jaime Carrasco
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He likes silver more than gold. He has owned it for a while and it's been a laggard. He's buying more as the others have grown. They are currently finishing up building a mine. It will probably be one of the most profitable. He likes the project and the project is maturing. (Analysts’ price target is $6.25)
A senior royalty company. He likes their projects that are more safe than Fortuna. You get cashflow as well. (Analysts’ price target is $16.59)
He was fully invested, but it would be prudent to have cash on hand. He would like to see how long the market stalls. Maybe things will get worse before getting better. He's not keen on entering the market at these levels. He's bearish on fixed income too. Precious metals will probably have a good year and there is little participation at 1%. He would take advantage.
(A Top Pick Apr 16/19, Up 87%) He still holds this. Likes the management team that has executed well. It should be trading higher than where it's at right now too. Management is the M&A team from Barrick.
(A Top Pick Apr 16/19, Up 18%) He likes Enbridge, and most pipelines and utilities. Anything with solid infrastructure will have earnings and will pass through inflationary costs. He's never questioned the dividends. A solid company.