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(A Top Pick Jan 16/19, Up 72%) These companies are just getting started as their mining projects kick in. Expect dividend increases. Even more money will flow into this company and sector, and this will result in a massive move. Let it grow.
(A Top Pick Jan 16/19, Down 13%) He's happy to continue holding this. He bought this because of Prem Watsa (of FFH). In India only 5% of homeowner have insurance, so there's a huge runway. Also, India as a whole is taking off.
(A Top Pick Jan 16/19, Up 0%) He has since spent it all on convertible bonds.
He likes their execution. Has good cash flow and they are buying back shares. Well-managed. No dividend yet. (Analysts’ price target is $10.33)
They just increased their dividend by 40%. Superb execution. New mines are producing, so more cash will flow. Earning massive profits as gold hits new highs. (Analysts’ price target is $87.07)