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Small coal play. In pre-feasibility with feasibility study due in the next few weeks. Partnered with Xstrata (Cape Breton met coal property). Beneficial because of location where shipping costs will be cheaper. Also have a moly and copper play in Africa that is attractive Lots of cash and supported by NAV.
Nymex Long Gas/Short Oil ETF. (Doesn’t own but is a recommendation.) Goes Long next months gas and Short next month’s oil. Spread between price of oil and gas has never ever been higher. Producers are very much hedged in 2010 and as hedges come off and cash flows drop, capital spending is going to drop and natural gas prices are going higher in 2011.
Even if they lose market share, the market is growing so quickly that revenues will continue to grow. Expect they will show 20%-30% earnings growth rate. Trades at 7X earnings and has no debt.
(A Top Pick April 13/10. Up 36.8%.) Still likes.
(A Top Pick April 13/10. Up 76.48%.) Still likes.