Colin Stewart
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CEO & Portfolio manager at
JC Clark Investments Ltd.

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(A Top Pick Jan 27/20, Up 66%) Very high quality business, and it's been growing. Acquisition in 2020 was quite attractive. Earnings last night very strong, beating estimates. A lot of free cashflow. Despite the run, still cheap. Easily upside to $30-35 over time. Yield is about 3.5%.
(A Top Pick Jan 27/20, Up 16%) Tough couple of quarters during Covid. Strong management, cut costs. Last quarter, pretty strong EBITDA numbers. A consolidator, so might do future acquisitions.
(A Top Pick Jan 27/20, Up 109%) He sold, albeit early. A commodity, so can be cyclical. Demand continues to be strong in NA, with tight market supply.
Huge range of products. Great long-term track record of making acquisitions, healthy balance sheet. Poised to grow, especially with healthcare as a growth area. Significant insider ownership. Yield is 1.87%. (Analysts’ price target is $86.00)
Meat segment has been doing well. Plant segment is a new and emerging area, and is #2 in NA. Trades at a significant discount to peers. Could easily be worth more than $40 a share. Yield is 2.62%. (Analysts’ price target is $35.19)