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(A Top Pick Jul 23/18, Down 15%) It's an India play. He's owned this a long time. A well-run company. He's been buying the dips; now is the best time to buy this. Their insurance business boasts strong combine ratios. American insurance companies trades at 1.6x book vs. FFH trading below book value. They have big investments in India and globally. They have other direct investments in India, and he's confident about that country's long-term. Now is the best time to buy FFH in 10 years.
(A Top Pick Jul 23/18, Down 2%) A value tech stock. He sold this and bought Google, because it was growing faster. IBM has trouble growing; it's been stagnant.
(A Top Pick Jul 23/18, Down 20%) A well-run operator of Alberta casinos. He sold GH to buy Great Canadian Gaming in the same sector, because it was trading at a more modest valuation.
Very defensive with a strong brand. They're investing heavily in their chicken and pork business, but also in their plant-based business. MFI's plant-based business is as big as Beyond Meat's, actually, and their valuation is a quarter of BM's. Compelling growth here. It's a food company, and so defensive. (Analysts’ price target is $40.43)
A value play, though auto parts are out of favour. MRE have been growing their margins very well in recent years. They are the least-exposed to Asia (are North American-focussed) vs. its peers. MRE is focussed on "light weighting" aluminium parts for cars to make the cars of the big carmakers lighter which promotes fuel efficiency in those cars. Trades at a cheap 4x earnings, the cheapest in over a decade. Good balance sheet and are buying back shares. (Analysts’ price target is $16.71)