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(A Top Pick Feb 05/19, Down 12%) It dropped this past fall over one issue. They have been aggressively expanding into plant based protein. He still holds it and thinks it is very miss-priced. He added to his position last fall. He thinks it will take time for investors to re-price this stock.
(A Top Pick Feb 05/19, Down 7%) He still likes it. It is a very well run company. Today their insurance business is as strong as it has ever been. They've been doing a good job monetizing some investments on the investment side of the business. It is trading at book but peers are trading at 1.5 times book.
(A Top Pick Feb 05/19, Up 28%) They are automating their factories more. It has grown pretty aggressively in the health care sector. That business is not dependent on the economy. It is trading at a discount to some of its peers.
It is a defensive name that is not priced like a defensive business. They are the operator of the land registry office in Alberta. They have a long term contract and have very steady cash flow. About 45% of their revenue is from their services and technology business. 5.5% dividend and they generate a lot of free cash flow. (Analysts’ price target is $17.75)
It is a tightly held stock, not well known. It is a leading eye care operator in Canada. They grew significantly over time to 379 locations across Canada. They made a small acquisition in the US in the luxury eye care segment. It is recession resistant and benefits from the aging demographic. It has a strong management team and he thinks it has a big growth runway as they consolidate a fragmented eye care industry. (Analysts’ price target is $42.00)