Colin Stewart
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CEO & Portfolio manager at
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(A Top Pick Jun 18/18, Up 3%) He sold all his American banks. Citi is well-run, but they are globally exposed and there are clouds on the global horizon. He prefers Canadian banks which are less exposed globally.
(A Top Pick Jun 18/18, Up 1%) Still likes it. It's well-run. They're growing their brands and they have a big opportunity to get into cannabis beverages which will be legal in Canada in October 2019. BRB is well-positioned for this and this market could be very large.
(A Top Pick Jun 18/18, Down 21%) They've been under margin pressure that he didn't expect. So,he exited in late-2018. This holding was a mistake, and mistakes can happen in investing. You must know when to cut your losses.
It's well-run. Their insurance side has improved a lot and is more profitable. Their investment portfiolio has been challenging in the last two years, but their long-term record is exceptional, so he has faith in it. The stock is trading close to its book value and the lowest in 7 years. He expects its coming quarter report to be strong, because their investments like BlackBerry have moved up a lot. (Analysts’ price target is $756.20)
A safe, defensive investment. They have 1,100 stores, so they're by far the leader in Canada which is less competitive than the US. The share price is down a lot, but is trading at 19X earnings now instead of the previous 30x. They could buy Dollar City in Latin America (an option for them in 2020). Good runway of growth. (Analysts’ price target is $39.85)