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Natural gas. There are about 4 or 5 juniors in the whole Montney region. Likes this one because it already has production of 1.5 million barrels a day. Cash flow of about $.30 or $.40. There will be a significant expansion in this area. Have a big land position.
Eric Sprott put together a little resource company that is largely metallurgical coal. Own a company out of West Virginia with about 4 million tons that should be mining by 2010. Metallurgical coal has doubled in price and there are great margins here. Also has a phosphate company. A good way to play phosphate and coal.
In potash, iron ore and uranium. Very good potash property in Saskatchewan. Very good iron ore property in Western Ontario. They have optioned off their uranium property to let somebody else do the work.
Changed his mind on natural gas. 4 coal projects in Florida were recently stopped on environmental grounds. Florida utilities will now be looking to natural gas. Production last year was projected at 700. Actually came in at 850 and already at 1000 with 80% gas. Primarily in B.C. with some in Alberta. Alberta play is not hurt as much by the royalty structure as some others.