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(A Top Pick Nov 13/09. Down 23%.) South American homebuilder. Emerging market stocks have really dropped off from that time. Avoid this one for now.
(A Top Pick Nov 13/09. No change.) Gold market has been flat since that time and golds stocks are essentially treading water in a basing process. Chart is showing a pretty good set up in May and June but still below the old high. Once it begins an uptrend, then gold and silver will really take off.
(A Top Pick Nov 13/09. Down 14%.) Rare earth materials company. Now range bound and it's back to its lows. The range is in is still well above the point where it blasted off from. When it breaks out again, they can make another large gain. Watch.
Huge leap are full all of a sudden. Has cleared a long range that it has been trading in. Did a little consolidation around $43 and then gapped higher recently and continues to trade near its highs. Use an entry point of about $45.
Pharmacy benefits company. Has had very strong growth and is a real favourite of US mutual and pension funds. Trading in a very tight range with highs around $77. Wouldn't be surprised to see a pullback to the $72 range because of market conditions, which would be a good place to get it.