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Horizons ETFs (Canada) Inc.

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(A Top Pick May 07/20, Up 12%) Strongly outperformed the broad market starting late February. It was a pandemic trade. From late March to early June, it gave it all back. We've seen a baseline, and now it's starting to outperform again. August and September are dangerous times for the market, so this is a favourable trade right now.
(A Top Pick May 07/20, Up 8%) Healthcare sector is a bit exhausted right now, and seeing relative weakness. He's walked back from it a bit. Coming up to an election, healthcare can become a political football.
(A Top Pick May 07/20, Up 0%) Cash was strategic. Not a bad thing right now. The market's a little crazy. This is the time it starts to get a bit volatile. He has cash right now. Too risky to have big overweights in currency at this time.
More room to run, though we might see a pullback. Gold trades off different factors like geo-political tensions. Inflation expectations have been moving up. A good strategy is to have gold bullion as the core and an ETF for the miners. He has more bullion right now, as the market may be coming up to some volatility. No dividend.
Boring is good. Time to be cautious. The market's gone up a lot, and the valuations aren't justified. A very stable company, 65% of revenue comes from regulation, solid balance sheet, and plan to raise the dividend. Yield is 3.54%. (Analysts’ price target is $58.18)