Brooke Thackray
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Horizons ETFs (Canada) Inc.

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(A Top Pick Feb 07/20, Down 9%) This was the peak of the market. AMZN-Q is about a quarter of this ETF. It is important to know what is in an ETF before buying it. He exited this sector.
(A Top Pick Feb 07/20, Down 22%) REITs outperformed into early March at which point he exited. There will be a time when REITs will come back.
(A Top Pick Feb 07/20, Up 6%) It is fortunate that it had positioned itself for on-line sales. He thinks this will benefit from the overall trend coming for increased spending.
You need to keep some powder dry. This is a time, seasonally, to be more defensive over the summer. Look for opportunities as they develop. He just started this week. There is a possibility to go back down to the March lows.
Everyone is rushing into tech but if things turn down, it will be hit quite hard. Seasonally it is weak starting in June. He would flick the switch to consumer staples right now.