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(A Top Pick Oct 03/18, Down 1%) Not as bullish on US financials. Has lightened up on the group. Financials generally like steepening yield curves. Likes Citi on its valuation. Management getting better. Compelling long-term hold. Quality + price = value.
(A Top Pick Oct 03/18, Down 19%) Auto industry has been on its back. Need a solution in the trade wars. Fine company. Trades at 8x earnings. 10% free cashflow yield. Good quality company. No reason to sell.
(A Top Pick Oct 03/18, Up 32%) Stock's gone up 32%, but fundamentals haven't improved by the same amount. Defensive hold. Somewhat recession-proof. Likes management. Struggling with recycling. China is no longer a big recipient of recycling, but WM is building recycling capacity.
Small cap. Construction services. Reasonably priced at 15x earnings. 7% free cashflow yield. 95% of revenue comes from US. Nice option in the face of trade wars. Yield is 0.36%. (Analysts’ price target is $93.40)
They're growing. Despite regulatory headwinds, people want them. Real growth engine is Instagram. Growing into their valuation of 22x earnings. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $231.24)