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(A Top Pick Sept 8/14. Down 0.77%.) BMO Floating Rate Preferred Share Series 17. Shouldn’t be volatile except when the bank of Canada rate drops. It was up on the year, but as soon as the interest rate cut came in, it dropped. This was a defensive strategy for people who thought rates were going to go up. It is still a pretty good substitute for a Money Market type of return, plus you get the dividend tax credit.
(A Top Pick Sept 8/14. Down 1.87%.) Enbridge Inc. 4.40% Series 11.
(A Top Pick Sept 8/14. Up 4.73%.) Great West Lifeco 5.25% Series S.
Preferred series E 4.5%. (EMA.PR.E-T). A perpetual, paying about $1.25 annually. Has current yield of about 4.8%. Currently trading at $23.45 giving you over a 5.5% yield if they take you out in 2023.
Preferred series C 5%. (CCS.PR.C-T). This can be redeemed in 2016 at $25. Currently trading at $24.31, below its par value. It gives you yield of 7.36%.