Dennis da Silva
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Managing Director & Sr Portfolio Manager at
Middlefield Capital Ltd.

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(A Top Pick Sep 28/18, Down 22%) A core holding that is liquids rich as a natural gas producer. The second largest natural gas producer in Canada, producing over 300,000 barrels per day equivalent. They are keeping natural gas production flat, buy growing the liquids output by over 30% this year. This will generate improved cash flow.
(A Top Pick Sep 28/18, Down 55%) A liquids rich natural gas producer. It is still transitioning through 1000 sections of land in the Montney. They intent to watch development in the area and focus on best-practices in the most prolific areas.
(A Top Pick Sep 28/18, Down 55%) Typical for the sector as a whole. He continues to hold onto it.
Following the Conoco acquisition, he vowed to not own this. He bought it in June as their asset sales have done well. There has been a good change in investor sentiment. They have 100,000 bpd contracted by rail and another 300,000 bpd by pipeline. They are generating great free cash flow as they are now in harvest mode after a few years of capital expenditures. Yield 1.63% (Analysts’ price target is $14.89)
An internmediate mid-stream company. Over the next three years they are have several new projects coming on line. A sizable gas plant came onstream in May and will ramp up volumes in the second half of the year. An octane plant is also coming online. They announced another pipeline project in the Montney and Duvernay areas into their hub assets. He expects a 10% annual increase in earnings through to 2022. Yield 5.11% (Analysts’ price target is $39.34)